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Designer Tammy Kohl patented this extraordinary amulet collection to bring back the vibration of love. Created to help soothe our souls and empower our intentions, the Takohl Love Amulet uniquely contains selenite infused water super-charged 528 hz, the frequency of love and healing.


Since the human body is made up of mostly water, this amulet is the perfect conduit to channel the energy and vibration that radiates in ourselves and others. It creates a climate for inner serenity and a higher energetic profile to you and those around you.


Engraved with "I AM LOVE" on the back it reminds you to be, share and spread love to everyone around you. The Love Amulet is available in base metal and sterling silver on a coordinating 24" chain so it can be worn over the heart and is suitable for men and women. It also comes with a small natural rose quartz that can be placed on the amulet to recharge it if you need an extra boost after a stressful day.


The Takohl Love Amulet can also be filled with any water, stone, or special material of your choosing and we welcome our clients to customize the engraving to compliment your own declaration or sentiments.  Interested in getting an amulet in gold?  Contact us for pricing!

Recharging Your Amulet
In stressful times, it is important to recharge your amulet in the case you had a trying day. There are many ways to recharge your water amulet:

  • Apply the rose quartz heart or amethyst gem to the top of the amulet and let it sit overnight while you sleep.
  • You can utilize a tuning fork, play gongs or use singing bowls to expose your amulet to and let it absorb the higher frequency.
  • Play 528 Hz sound frequency music to the amulet.  You can find your favorite on Youtube or Bandcamp.

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