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Rick Gillihan - Tributary

Opening Thursday September 9, 2021

Takohl Gallery presents the works of Rick Gillihan, who captures the worlds formed in a creek bed near his home in Arkansas. When enlarged, these images become grand views of earthly terrain bathed in light.

All of Mr. Gillihan's proceeds from this exhibit will be donated to Boulder Crest Foundation, a charity dedicated to PTSD treatment for US veterans, first responders, and their families.

Artists Statement - 

My path begins with abstract painting during my studies as a fine arts major. After two years of college, I was a drafted in the Army, which gave me the opportunity to buy my first 35mm camera and produce abstract photographs. After my time in the military, I began to teach myself black & white film developing and printing. I renovated an 18x45 foot space in an old building creating a small darkroom, shooting space, and kitchen area with a loft area above it all. In 1980 I opened a one-person photo studio at 31st & Oak, in Kansas City, Missouri shooting product photos and model composites for two modeling schools. Time, location, and expenses didn’t allow me to explore my interest in nature abstracts as much as I wanted. So, I quit photography in 1996

I began to shoot again in 2014. Looking back over the last couple of years it's not an accident that my focus in photography has narrowed down to small areas of a few square feet, in a nearby clear rocky creek. The creek is a source of relief from an ongoing, reoccurring hyper-vigilant PTSD. But being around water is a naturally rejuvenating experience for me as it is for all of us. Water is basic, it's primal. We are made mostly of water. Every cell in our body knows of our need for water more than our conscious mind can know. Water is life. Without it we soon perish. The reality we are all going through now too has probably produced a more intense desire in me to be a part of something that I thoroughly enjoy on a personal level.

My photographic approach to these creek water photographs is to show the movement of the water. How it travels over the different colored rocks, algae, leaves and other paths in the creek. Using no special effects filters, only different shutter speeds as the variable, I attempt to create images that appear to the viewer at first glance to be abstract paintings. Impressions of the creek rather than just a still photograph.