Takohl Earth Ring

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This innovative art piece, a wearable sterling silver ring holding a living, breathing plant is a symbol for our times. The Takohl Earth Ring makes a unique statement about global climate issues and the critical importance green plants have in sustaining our fragile planet. This private, personal garden is a powerful reminder of our life-giving Earth and our respect and commitment for the environment. An amazing celebration of nature by Chicago jewelry designer Tammy Kohl.

"It's a design of personal expression living in harmony with nature" said Kohl of her invention. "The Takohl Earth Ring shows concern for the planet and awareness of the many dangers our ecosystem faces."

Your signed Earth Ring comes housed in a glass terrarium that maintains an optimal climate for the living plant. Inside, you can watch it grow and witness it generate oxygen and humidity in its own microsystem. It comes with three types of seeds, an eyedropper for watering and extra sponges for the seeds to nest in. Breathe into the glass every few days and your planted sprouts will flourish.

With proper attention, care and nurturing anything is possible. Show the world that you care!

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