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Chicago, Il

Prong Retipping & Repairs

Repair your jewelry piece’s prongs to ensure the security of your precious gemstones.

Chicago, Il

Prong Retipping & Repairs

Repair your jewelry piece’s prongs to ensure the security of your precious gemstones.

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Safeguarding the Sparkle of Your Cherished Jewelry

The prongs of a ring are like the guardians of your gemstones, meticulously crafted to hold your diamonds and gemstones securely in place. Over time, these prongs may wear down, become bent, or even break off, threatening the integrity and safety of your precious stones.

At Takohl, our jewelers are skilled in the fine art of prong retipping and rebuilding, restoring the safety and beauty of your piece.

Our team brings decades of precision and care to every detail, ensuring your gemstones remain firmly embraced within their settings.

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Prong Retipping FAQs

Prong retipping is the process of adding new metal to the tips of worn prongs to strengthen them and prevent the gemstones from becoming loose or falling out. This process is often necessary when prongs have been worn down due to regular wear and tear, accidental damage, or age. It’s a delicate procedure that not only secures the gemstone but also revitalizes the overall look of the jewelry.

While prong retipping involves adding material to the existing prong tip, prong rebuilding is a more extensive process where the entire prong or a significant part of it is constructed anew. This service may be required when prongs are severely damaged or when multiple prongs are compromised. Rebuilding prongs is a meticulous task that restores the prong’s shape, height, and stability, which is essential for the protection of your gemstones.

You might need prong retipping if you notice that the prongs on your ring are worn down, bent, or if the gemstone is loose. If the stone moves easily when touched or if you can see that the prong is no longer snug against the stone, it’s time to consult a professional.

Prong retipping will restore the original look of your prongs, helping bring your piece back to it’s original beauty.

The time frame for prong retipping and rebuilding varies based on the complexity of the repair and the workload of our studio. Simple retipping can sometimes be completed within a day or so, while more comprehensive rebuilding work may take longer. We strive to not only deliver quality craftsmanship but also to do so in a timely manner.

For a more accurate estimate on timelines, we invite you to get in touch with our team.

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