Chicago's Jewelry Repair Experts

When a special piece of jewelry is damaged or broken, oftentimes we neglect it and push it to the bottom of the jewelry box. This doesn't have to be the reality, however. With the right skills and expertise, a broken piece can be brought back to its original form and beauty. 


At Takohl, we have over 30 years of experience fixing all different types of jewelry. As a custom jewelry studio, our team has all the tools and craftsmanship skills needed to repair any jewelry problem - from simple fixes all the way to complete restorations.  Here are a few of the repair services that we offer:

Ring Repair

Rings may seem like simple pieces that can't be damaged, but since we wear them often, this couldn't be further from the truth. Here are some of the ring repair services that we offer:


-  Prong retipping or rebuilding

-  Polishing or plating

-  Shank replacement or repairs

- Gemstone replacement 

- Gemstone resetting

- Sizing

Earring Repairs

Due to their small profile, repairing earrings is oftentimes a delicate task. Here are some of the earring repair services that we offer: 


-  Leverback and ear wire replacement and repairs

-  Post/back replacement and repairs

-  Earring stone replacement and resetting

-  Earring back conversions - to and from clip ons

-  Gemstone resetting and replacement

Pendant and Necklace Repairs

Since pendants and necklaces hang, they can be susceptible to getting caught in things and becoming damaged. Thankfully, like rings and earrings, with the right tools they can be easily repaired. 


- Chain repair and soldering

- Chain plating and polishing

- Chain lengthening or shortening

- Pendant clasp replacement and repairs

- Pendant ball replacement and repair

- Pendant stone resetting or replacement

Jewelry Repair FAQ

How long does it take to repair a piece of jewelry?

Depending on the project and current capacities, the time it takes to repair a piece of jewelry can vary. Typically, simple jobs such as chain repair or new ear posts take a day or two. With bigger projects such as complex restorations or complete overhauls, time frames can be one to three weeks.

How much would it cost to repair my jewelry?

The cost for repairing jewelry varies widely depending on the job at hand. The best thing to do would be to call us or bring the piece into our local studio in Chicago for a complimentary consultation.

Ready to repair your broken jewelry?