Redesign & Restyle Your Jewelry in Chicago ®® allows you to reinvent your existing jewels! Together we will explore the possibilities of creating new, imaginative pieces from jewelry you already own. Takohl's philosophy is to help you save money by restyling your gems and gold and transforming them into original designs that you will love to wear. We also work with the best appraisers to accurately estimate the worth of your new pieces for your insurance needs. Finding value in jewels you already own…priceless!

What's in your jewelry box?

Our Focused Approach

Jewelry designer Tammy Kohl developed this original process. She can transform gems from the past into new and original works of art. During a client's consultation, she gathers details to their personality and sense of style and sketches the unique design. Together you choose your favorite elements and Takohl will then create a 3D rendering and a wax model you know exactly how your past treasures will look as new jewels. You are involved in every step of the way!

Refresh Romance

Are you up for a jewelry makeover? We are experts at making your diamonds and gemstones look larger and appear more luminous. By exposing the culet we showcase the entire gemstone and give it more light, a signature Takohl design element.

Have a special anniversary coming up? See how we can amaze you with a fresh take on your engagement and wedding ring design. It is one of our favorite things to do!

Next Generation Gift Giving® is the perfect gift for everyone in your family.

Give the younger generation modern jewelry that they will want to wear by restyling older family pieces that are not being worn. Creating new heirlooms with passion, purpose and style is our gift. Come visit our gallery and together lets design new creations from your jewelry box!