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Here at Takohl, we understand that the value in a piece of jewelry doesn’t only lie in its beauty, but also in its sentiment. That’s why for over the past 30 years, Takohl has supported the art of hand engraving by working solely with local craftsmen. Contact us today and add a personal touch to your most treasured pieces. 

Jewelry Engraving FAQ

What is Hand Engraving?

Hand engraving is a rare art form that requires years of expertise and a keen eye for detail. Having been practiced for over a thousand years, it involves using hand tools to carve custom inscriptions and designs into a piece of jewelry.


Unlike with machine engravings, where sometimes templates and patterns must be followed, hand engraving grants the craftsman the ability to have full control over what is to be inscribed. With hand engraving, each etch of an inscription is both masterfully carved and incredibly unique. With variations in carve depth, width, and length, hand engraving produces an unmistakable, charming aesthetic that no machine can ever replicate. 

What is Machine Engraving? Do you offer it?

Machine engraving is the way of creating engravings using powered tools or lasers. It’s a great option for getting something engraved at an affordable price. Even though it doesn’t produce the charm or aesthetic of hand engraving, it still gives an opportunity to add a meaningful inscription to a piece of jewelry. 

Can any piece of jewelry be engraved?

As long as the piece to be engraved has enough space and is made of a suitable material, it can be engraved. This includes jewelry like rings, pendants, wedding bands, cufflinks, bracelets, and so forth. Please note that some locations on jewelry may be impossible to engrave due to access. 

What can I get envraved on my jewelry?

You can engrave all different types of texts, symbols and imagery onto your jewelry. For the most part, as long as a piece has room to work with, we can engrave whatever you wish on it. There are some exceptions to this, of course. The best thing to do is to call or visit us at our studio in the West Loop if you have any questions. 

How long does it take to engrave a piece of jewelry?

After the initial consultation, hand engraving projects typically take anywhere from two to five days. A machine engraving project is quicker, and can usually be done within two to three days.

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