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Restyle Old Jewelry into New Pieces that You Will Love to Wear

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Make gems from the past into new works of art.

Re.gem.er.a.tion® is the process of taking your old jewelry and turning them into new masterpieces that you love to wear. 

Developed by our award winning designer Tammy Kohl, the philosophy of re.gem.er.a.tion® is to save both materials and money by recycling, redesigning and restyling old heirlooms into original designs. 

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Creating old pieces into new heirlooms with passion, purpose and style is our gift. Get in touch with us and together we’ll design new creations from your  jewelry box!

We Create pieces that people love

When it comes to fine jewelry, the jeweler is just as important as the diamond. Our founder Tammy Kohl has been creating engagement rings and custom jewelry for 35 years. As an artist, she has a keen eye for design and the ability to draw your ideas into reality.

Tammy’s true gift lies in collaborating with clients to craft the perfect jewelry pieces that cater to their individuality and their sense of style. Our jewelry is hand crafted right here in Chicago with only the finest materials by artisan jewelers. We are diamond and colored gem experts, here to educate and help you choose the best quality gems with the characteristics you desire. You can be sure that our creations will exceed your expectations and stay within your budget.

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