This is a Magical Time

At Takohl, it is our pleasure to make designing your engagement and wedding jewelry into an exciting experience resulting in keepsakes to be remembered forever. From creation to presentation, we are here to help orchestrate your vision into perfect symbols of your love.

Inventive design that exceeds your expectations and makes you unique is our calling. Honest personal assistance tailored just for you is waiting at Takohl.

Consultation and Design Process

During your private consultation we collaborate on making your vision a reality. By gathering a few adjectives that describe the style, feel and proportion you desire, Tammy Kohl will interpret your rough ideas and inspirations into drawings that present various design directions. Together, we choose your favorite design elements and orchestrate them into a 3-D rendering so that you can see the complete creation from various views. Finally, a 3-D wax model is presented for your final approval to ensure that every detail is brought to life accurately.

Tammy Kohl will intuitively design a complete wedding set based on your budget and lifestyle in your choice of precious metal. Whether you like modern or vintage or have an eclectic style, our sense of craftsmanship has brought us worldwide appeal and many happy ever-afters.

Choosing the right stone

We are gem experts with over 30 years of experience, here to help you select the right stone for this lifelong treasure. Based on your input, we will present a selection of gemstones that embody the characteristics you desire. We also offer our trademarked Regemeration process to help you re-purpose your important family heirlooms in the jewels of your dreams.

By sourcing diamonds and colored gems from purveyors all over the world we can get you the best quality stones for your most important day. We also educate our clients about the specific attributes that define the selection available in the marketplace.

One of our signature style elements is to leave the culet exposed on our rings, showcasing the beauty of the entire gemstone. This special touch is a hallmark of Takohl design and quality.

Our One of a Kind Wedding Bands

Takohl offers an elegant alternative to the typical wedding band with the patented Takohl Treasure Ring. At first glance, it resembles a seamless band but a hidden latch opens the ring to reveal your secret inscription and even hidden gems. Providing endless possibilities to express your romantic sentiments and create a personalized keepsake to be treasured forever.

For a truly unique look that is out of this world, we present our Meteorite Band collection. These treasures fell to earth billions of years ago from the heavens. These ancient natural phenomena are special and no two are alike. Custom made for you in a variety of styles and widths, these extremely durable bands make excellent wedding rings for both men and women.