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An innovative vessel created to soothe your soul and empower your intentions.

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A Takohl Amulet is an innovative vessel that we fill with gemstones or supercharged waters to power your intentions and create feelings of balance and calm.

the Love Amulet

The Takohl Love Amulet® was created to soothe the soul and power intentions. Each Amulet contains Takohl’s proprietary selenite infused water which is super-charged to 528 HZ, the frequency of love and healing. 

When worn, the vibrations of the water resonate with every cell of your body, creating calm and balance – making all of us a little kinder. It is an important tool in your self care ritual

Engraved with ” I AM LOVE” on the back, the Takohl Love Amulet reminds you to embody love, share love, and spread love to everyone around you. 

Yellow and white gold necklaces features a round pendant with an engraved name, serving as a personalized form of adornment. The other side of the necklace has a customizable pendant featuring an open space for a custom design.

The Takohl Amulet Collection

What People are Saying

Woman smiling directly facing the camera wearing love amulet necklace.

I had a truly great experience at Takohl Fine Jewelry. Visiting the gallery is like a trip to a museum. Some of the coolest gems and beautiful jewelry that I've ever observed. The designs are one of a kind and inspire feelings and vibes that I haven't experienced at any other jewelry location in the city.

AMulet FAQ

To keep a Takohl Amulet looking and functioning at its best, we recommend our clients to periodically clean and polish them by hand. 

When travelling by air, bring your amulet in the cabin with you. Love Amulets with supercharged liquids encased within them could leak due to the pressure. 

If you see your water level has decreased, please contact us for a refill.

Each Love Amulet comes with its own tuning fork so you are able to recharge the water within your amulet as needed! The frequency is designed to hold love and guide your intentions, tuning during stressful times is advised.

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